Right Step Program

Right Step has been developed through extensive community consultation and a partnership between the Victorian Police, the Moorabbin Justice Centre and Youth Connect acknowledging that the region is over represented with young recidivist offenders. Right Step is currently operating in the Bayside, Glen Eira and Kingston regions.

Right Step is designed to divert young offenders from re entering the court system and assist in identifying and addressing issues that may be contributing to offending behaviour. Right Step provides individualised case management which can involve counselling, coaching, guidance and pathway planning. During a young person’s participation with Right Step referrals to other service providers are made on a needs basis. Right Step may also allow for restitution of crime where appropriate, whether it is via financial restitution or community service.

Successful completion of Right Step may result in your charges being dismissed meaning the young person will not receive a criminal record.

 Right Step Referral Process:

  1. The young person is aged 10-17 years.
  2. The young person must admit to the offence or offences.
  3. The young person has been charged to appear at the Moorabbin Children’s Court and resides in Kingston, Bayside or Glen Eira areas.
  4. Recommended for diversion by Police, Legal Representative or Magistrate.
  5. Consent given by Young Person/Parent or guardian to be referred to Right Step.
  6. Informant consent gained for young person to be referred to Right Step. This consent is obtained via the Youth Resource Officer.
  7. Victims consent gained for young person to be referred to Right Step.
  8. Young person assessed by Youth Resource Officer – Moorabbin Proactive Policing Unit.
  9. If assessed as appropriate for Right Step, Young person appears before Magistrate with recommendation and referral for Right Step.
  10. The Court endorses referral for young person.
  11.  Young person engages with Youth Connect Case Worker and participates in 8 week program.
  12. Young person completes 8 week individualised program.
  13. Court report forwarded by Youth Connect
  14. Young person re-appears before Magistrate.  If Young Person deemed successful Magistrate will withdraw the charges, if not; the Matter is heard per normal court procedure.
  15. Young person monitored by Police Youth Resource Officer and Youth Connect for 12 months.

 What does Right Step involve?

  • It involves the young person participating in at least 8 sessions over an 8 week period.
  • Staying in close contact with the Case Manager and if deemed necessary attending referral appointments.
  • Working with the Case Manager to develop an individualised case management plan involving counselling, coaching, guidance and pathway planning.

What are the benefits of Right Step ?

  • Identification and discussion of underlying issues and contributing factors to the offending behaviour whilst having support to addressing these.
  • To be engaged in school, training or employment with ongoing assistance.
  • Identification and discussion of strategies to reduce the likelihood of further offending.
  • Receive referrals to external agencies as required
  • Access to a case manager for up to 12 months.
  • There is a possibility that through your positive participation your charges may be dismissed.

How Do I Successfully Complete Right Step ?

  • Attend and participate in a minimum of 8 sessions with the Right Step Case Manager.
  • Be honest and willing to exploring causes for the offending behaviour.
  • Be willing to change underlying issues and contributing factors to the offending behaviour.
  • Attend and participate in appointments with agencies you have been referred to.
  • Develop goals and show that you are trying to achieve these goals.
  • Do not re-offend.
  • Be mindful of the one time opportunity you have been given through Right Step and use it to your full advantage.
  • Following the program, an honest reflective report is written to the court for the Magistrate to take account of when considering your case. The Magistrate then makes a decision to either dismiss or uphold the charges.


YC059 – Right Step Evaluation Report-3

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