Employment Opportunities

Youth Connect works with the community to provide all young people with the skills and knowledge to support them to manage a successful pathway through secondary education, further learning and employment.

Youth Connect supports the transition of young people from school to work, further education or training by working in partnership with schools, employers, registered training organisations, government agencies, a variety of community stakeholders as well as the young people directly.

Youth Connect’s Vision is a community where school to work pathways and career choices for all young people are equally valued and respected.

Our vision is supported by the following values:

Choice  Youth Connect believes all young people should have access to information and support in order to make informed career choices regarding their education, training and employment options.
Equity Youth Connect embraces the diversity of young people, education, industry and the broader community by providing equitable programs and support.
Integrity  Youth Connect works with the community to build and establish honest and empathetic relationships to achieve positive outcomes.

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