Community Projects

Beyond the School Gates

Through our close working relationship with Berendale School, Youth Connect was invited to become the Lead Agent – Vocational Pathways, in an excited initiative called the Extended School Hub for which Berendale School has been funded by DEECD. This three year program locally named Beyond the School Gates, is working towards supporting young people with Intellectual Disabilities and their families. The service delivery model is designed to engage, build knowledge, skills and confidence to increase employability and improve quality of life. There are four areas this will focus on including Vocation, Recreation, Health and Family Support. Available to young people throughout the region, Youth Connect will develop programs that will lead to increased employment options through support and programs including; Career Planning, Work Experience Short Courses, Personal Development and SBATs.

Sandybeach Centre Community Learning Partnership – Education in Alternative Settings for Youth

The Sandybeach Project, Education in Alternative Settings for Youth, is an ACFE funded Community Learning Project which operated from October 2010 to March 2012. The project was run by Sandybeach Centre in partnership with Youth Connect, Youth Xpress and the BGK LLEN.

Youth Connect, along with project partners, welcomed and endorsed Sandybeach’s goal of making alternative education options available to young people. Youth Connect worked closely with Sandybeach Centre to deliver the Career Connect Job Club and PACTS program at the centre. In addition to this, Youth Connect clients had access to a suite of ‘youth friendly’ programs which the centre now offers to young people looking to acquire skills and build their confidence in order to feel connected to their community and succeed in education and training. As a result of this partnership, 12 youth specific programs were delivered by Sandybeach to 63 young people. Youth Connect is proud to support this and other community projects which build capacity and strengthen services which young people have access to.


Youth Connect was invited to partner with Family Life and JobCo Employment Services to deliver the Reconnections program for the Bayside & Kingston areas to offer young people and adults support who have been absent from the workforce or who have disengaged from school or the community. Reconnections supports young people and adults reengage in the community through educational and recreational programs allowing them to build their confidence and a sense of social connectivity which will support them to return to the workforce and/or education. Youth Connect will continue to work with Family Life and JobCo to further develop, promote and showcase the program in 2012.

Youth Action Place @ Chelsea

Youth Connect supported Longbeach Place Inc. to apply for and secure funding via the Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board Capacity and Innovation Fund to launch a Community Learning and Engagement centre for youth. The project will focus on young people who require support in education, training or employment and aims to increase learner participation through hands-on accredited and non-accredited workshops and training which combines industry engagement, linking education and training to the workplace creating an increase in skills growth and regional learning partnerships and employment opportunities.

Project Partners including Youth Connect, Chelsea Community Information, Chelsea Community Renewal, BGK LLEN, ATEP, Family Life and City of Kingston Youth Services have come together to share information and assess ways of engaging youth who live, learn, work or play in the Chelsea and surrounding areas, in projects and activities that will enable them to become active members of the community.

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