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Workshop 1 – Shoot For Goal

How to balance school, family, friends and sport and shoot for your goals.  Hear from a group of sporting professionals, their journey and how they balanced school, jobs and doing the things they love.  And how you can too!

Workshop 2 – You Can Be A Hero

Emergency Services Real Life Stories – Ever thought of working within the emergency services industry area? This workshop will show you that anything is possible including challenges and positive impact this work has on the community.

Workshop 3 – DARE2B JOBS

Ever thought of going for a job out of the ordinary? Something fun, creative or risky? Come along and listen to these inspiring people who have done this for a living.  You’ll hear their stories, how they got to where they are and the struggles along the way. If you are considering a job that you think is not the norm come down to hear the speakers give you the tools you need to make this a reality!

Workshop 4 – Wellness, Mindfullness & Yoga

Are you often stressed, finding yourself weighed down by self-doubt and fear? Do you struggle with controlling situations or letting things go, such as dwelling on the past and worrying about the future? Would you like to know how to change this?

Instead of letting your life pass you by, come and learn about mindfulness, living in the moment, and awakening to experience your true inner self.  Try out some Yoga poses and learn a few helpful breathing techniques with Stefan that will teach you more about this relaxing but powerful form of exercise. You’ll be sure to feel empowered and uplifted.

 If you practice yoga with an awareness of yourself you come to learn about the different ways you act, how you react, and will get to know the real true you – in creating awareness of yourself you can transform your mind, which in turn affects how you live your life and how you interact with others. Through a mind, body, and soul transformation you will be able to create and control the best life you wish to live!

The continued practice of yoga will lead you to a sense of peace and well-being, and also a feeling of being at one with their environment.  



Workshop 5 – “5 Minute Chef”

‘Cause you’re not you when your starving!’ – Do you ever come home ‘Starving’, looking at the fridge or going through the cupboard?  And there’s nothing to eat? Join our workshop and be shown how to make a yummy, healthy afternoon snack in no time.


Workshop 6 – Helping Ya Mate

Have you ever been worried about a friend?  Maybe they just don’t seem themselves, have been a bit quiet or seem like they’ve got something on their mind.  I bet you’ve wanted to chat to them, find out what’s wrong and help if you can, but you just haven’t been sure how to do it.

This workshop looks at picking up on the signs that someone you care about might have a problem, how you can listen to them and most importantly how you can get them connected to the right people if the issue is serious.

Seeing a friend struggling with a problem can be really hard! But gaining some simple skills to check in on them, lend an ear and help get them support can go such a long way towards helping them out and knowing you’ve made a difference.

Helping Ya Mate is bought to you by Stride.

Workshop 7 – Secure that First Job

This hands on workshop will give you tips and tools to snag that first job and follow your career including a mock interview and how to dress for success.  Also hear from guest speakers in the retail and trades industry.


Workshop 8 – Become a Global Barista!

Imagine being able to work anywhere in the world, whenever you want whilst having fun and meeting new people every day. Well you can stop imagining now because hospitality can turn that thought into a reality!  Hospitality is not only a global industry but something that every country has and needs. It is also one of the only industries where you meet amazing, humorous and talented people from all over the globe every day.

Hear about potential opportunities in hospitality and get a sneak preview about how to become a barista from Wheely Good Coffee who will demonstrate how to perfect the art of coffee creation. 

Workshop 9 – Create Your Own Adventure

Come to hear guest speakers share their experiences and career paths.  Find out ways to help you achieve your personal goals. Then take some time to explore the EXPO which brings together carefully selected organisations that will provide information for your Mind – Career Opportunities, Further Education, Volunteering, Body – Health and Wellbeing, Community Sport and Support – Resource providers, Financial management and Gap Year Alternatives.

Facilitated by Rachel Henderson. Guest Speakers, Mahsa Hajjari and Dylan Ruddy 


Workshop 9 includes the EXPO experience with the following organisations:





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