Rachael Henderson

Whilst being an avid traveller/adventurer I have used my professional and personal life experience to build a career of excellence dedicated to values based workplace cultures. Environments that cultivate growth, businesses thrive and people share their very best selves. Both have taken me across the globe to experience many different cultures while building my muscle every step of the way, working in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. I have had the pleasure of being at the forefront of award-winning culture and implementing global quality processes.

My love of learning is demonstrated through my tertiary and holistic studies. Leading with my Masters of Coaching, applying various human behaviour methodologies-integrated during my time in this field for well over a decade. Back up by Design Diploma, my love of adventure sports, movement and a Hair Dresser by trade back in the day, my many years in corporate. And now in my own business, focused on solving the problems small business owners face every day.

These experiences/tools flavour my diverse ability to connect with varied audiences. Providing a powerful message that impacts results, increases productivity, creates thriving profitable businesses, while speaking to people’s hearts and minds to execute with precision.

Website: https://www.thewhygroup.com.au/
Phone: +61 428 271 915
Email: [email protected]

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