Whitelion – Stride and Youth Connect Merge

For 23 years Youth Connect has delivered programs and services with and for young people.  With the continual focus and development of ensuring that young people remain at the core of what we do in January 2016 Youth Connect merged with Whitelion.

Whitelion has created the Whitelion Group which includes, Open Family Australia, Stride Foundation and the Balga Detached-Youth Work Project.  The Youth Connect program branding is now part of the Whitelion Group.  The synergies, core values and common interests of each organisation include:

  • Young people
  • Reducing the multiple and complex barriers some young people face while remaining engaged with education training or employment.
  • Providing tools to those connected with and supporting young people including parents, extended families, carers and employers.

Youth Connect programs support and add value to Whitelion-Stride programs.  Stride wellbeing programs provide young people with essential life skills for now and into the future through programs focused on relationship and community, resilience, career transitions and school engagement.  Through these programs young people are equipped to deal with life challenges and lead to individual self efficacy, positive community involvement and collective community impact.

For further information go to the website: Stride Foundation

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