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Bricklaying Apprentices are in demand.

Be paid to learn a skill you can use all your life;
Work outdoors, with your hands; See the results of your work!
Need more convincing? Ten Top Reasons Why.
Half of all bricklaying apprentices come into the trade on the advice of someone close to them. A family member, a friend, a local builder or brickie recommends it, because they care and want a good career start for this person.

If you don’t know someone who knows about the trade – find out for yourself, from us here at the website and by experiencing a Work Ready program and/or job trial.

Apprentices in demand!

High quality bricklaying apprentices are in demand due to the increasing level of building activity in 2015 and 2016. This is a great time for motivated young people to start an apprenticeship. Many employers are keen to sign on and train new apprentices who are genuinely ready and interested in learning a trade.