Brent Valle

Back in 2016 on a trip to New Zealand with his wife and two children, The Future Phase founder suffered concussion which left him heavily affected for a month. During this time Brent questioned everything in his life and this led him to creating the starting point for The Future Phase journey.
I made a decision and there and then to go home and sell a hugely successful tech company which I co-founded with a friend of mine only 5 years previously.
Leaving something that I had put so much effort into was a huge challenge, especially considering the financial freedom it was giving me as well as the lifestyle where I was working only limited hours per week.
Then and there The Future Phase was born.
Brent, immediately booked into complete an alpine mountaineering course that involved tents, carrying food, and hiking upwards of 2000m to gain experience in doing things he had never done before. Climbing in crampons, self-arresting with an ice-axe and learning essential survival skills in the alpine.
At the same time also, without any previous knowledge found a ski-guide who could set up an expedition in the back-country of the far reaches of British Columbia Canada.
It was all on a whim and a prayer with absolutely no certainty whatsoever of the outcomes and what was going to happen next.