Emma Pane – Production Engineer, Boral

Emma is a qualified mechanical engineer who has been working for Boral Construction Materials since 2014. As a new graduate Emma has worked in the concrete, logistics, quarry and sales businesses but now resides in the asphalt business. While being in the asphalt division she has had the opportunity to experience a range of different roles and responsibilities, including supervising asphalt road crews, being a project coordinator for the Tullamarine Freeway Upgrade and being the maintenance manager for Deer Park Asphalt Plant.
Her current role is Project Engineer for the Victorian Asphalt Plants. Emma is currently running projects across multiple asphalt plants to upgrade their existing production capacity.
Emma also manages to juggle work whilst undertaking a part time university degree and her cycling. Currently studying a master’s degree in Project Management a night school through RMIT and training to compete at the national championships for cycling later this year