Young People – How can we help you?
You may be looking for part-time or full-time employment, an internship, a graduate position or apprenticeship. Whether you have finished secondary school, VCE or University, this program fits in well with the next step in your career path. If you are looking for a job and need help with your interview skills, this training program can assist you and give you the confidence you need.

Not only that, through this training program you will gain an understanding of what businesses are about, what they are looking for and what they need to achieve to survive. We believe this is a critical element in helping you gain employment. By understanding how business works and what employers expect of their staff, you will be able to way better answer their interview questions and offer the business exactly what they are looking for. You’ll be shown the importance of customer service and learn sales techniques. These important skills will not only help you to sell yourself in that interview, but this will be something you will use over and over again in business.

Since 2008, Key Business Advisors has worked with and supported many SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) from different industries across Australia to help them grow from good to great. We understand the needs of businesses and what they want from their employees. We bring current industry experience, training and connection with employers which will assist you with finding a job in the current marketplace. Through this “street-smart” program you will gain practical skills you may not have learnt at school.

You will learn the following:

How to get a job
Gain an understanding of business in today’s world
Understand what good customer service is and why it’s so important
How to have a good sales approach
How to sell yourself over the phone
Learn how the recruitment process works
Develop your career plan

Keyba Careers for Young People