Resilient Youth

Resilient Youth can help you create strong, resilient students, schools and communities.
Resilience Survey
The Resilience Survey is a powerful tool for initiating directed, purposeful conversations with young people themselves as well as with teachers and parents, leading to an informed and practical learning improvement agenda.
The Resilience Survey is a proprietary 99 question online survey. It collects, collates and analyses the self-reported strengths of Australian young people in terms of their strengths, hopefulness, the incidence of anxiety and depression, and the relationship of these to key risk and protective behaviours. The Survey includes scientifically validated, reliable and internationally accepted measures.
This means you can rely on the results as an accurate measure of the resilience and wellbeing of the young people in your school. It also provides a sound basis for planning and implementing targeted resilience building initiatives in your school.
We have extensive experience analysing Resilience Survey data and facilitating purposeful conversations based on your results. We offer two flagship services to help you get the most out of your data. The aim of the workshops are to provide you and your team with a clear and manageable process for developing a practical and sustainable action plan.
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