Glenn Manton

Glenn Manton has been engaging audiences for over 20 years with his unique blend of education and entertainment. A dynamic storyteller Glenn is able to draw upon his vast life experience to move audiences of all ages and backgrounds. A quick look at his Instagram feed (below) highlights the diversity of Glenn’s life both past and present.

Committed to promoting THINKING (INDEPENDENT/CREATIVE/CRITICAL) in people of all ages Glenn leverages his background in EDUCATION – ENTERTAINMENT – COMMUNITY & SPORTS to genuinely connect with his audience. No two presentations are the same as Glenn uses his improv’ skills and the nature of each audience to thoughtfully create an atmosphere that is both safe and highly enjoyable.

Suffice to say Glenn’s Wikipedia profile doesn’t begin to share the true background of his life. With two educationally based degrees, recognition for his cutting-edge work with youth, experience in creating a not-for-profit, applause for his media enterprises from TV to stage, multiple published books and a sporting background which includes 12 seasons of AFL football and a tilt at the 2006 Winter Olympics Glenn has history and knowledge…that is of value to any audience.