Mahsa Hajjari

Mahsa is a business consultant with a diverse background and strong passion for making improvements; whether it’s a business process, an individual’s career, or running a campaign for a great cause, she is always ready to get involved and help others in finding the best way to reach their goals. She is currently working as the Donor Relations Leader at Whitelion.

Mahsa was born in Iran and migrated to the United States after she finished high school. Graduating in the middle of financial crisis with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, she was forced to go back to Iran. Two years later, she came to Melbourne for a short visit, and ended up staying here for good.

Despite the rocky road she went through from very early ages, and the constant obstacles she had to overcome all through her life, she finally found her true passion at the age of 29. Mahsa believes that everyone should find the courage to face difficult circumstances and battle through obstacles rather than escaping from it, because that’s the only way we get to know ourselves and what makes us happy in life.