he Bayside Glen Eira Kingston Local Learning and Employment Network (BGK LLEN) is part of a network of 31 Victorian LLENs funded by the Victorian State government to support continued strong pathways from school to further education and work for local young people. The funding supports the development of networks and partnerships to improve the participation, engagement, attainment and transition outcomes of young people.

Established in 2002, the pivotal role of the BGK LLEN is to act as a regional strategic and facilitation body by undertaking research, building relationships with local schools, businesses and industry groups and listening to the needs of our stakeholders. Our local and regional networks and partnerships enable us to support schools to engage, both geographically and by industry, with business and industry stakeholders.

The BGK LLEN facilitates government contracts (currently DET’s LLEN contract and DHHS’ Engage contract) as well as fee for service project management (Beyond the School Gates), research, facilitation and professional learning.