CERT II & III in Automotive Studies Paint and Panel

The course is a pre-apprenticeship program which covers both the Vehicle Painting and Panel Beating trade areas. Students will cover both Theory and Practical assessments. You will gain a mixture of skills from the automotive vehicle painting and panel beating industries. You will learn about panel repair and paint preparation.



Day | Time | Venue

Kangan – ACE Automotive Centre of Excellence, Docklands

First Year (Wednesday 8.30-1.30pm)
Second Year continues in 2015


2 years.

Work Placement

40 hours / 5 Days.

Selection Criteria

Interview to discuss program expectations and student suitability.

Sample Program Outline

  • Units 1 & 2
    • VBN644 Carry out industry research
    • AURC270103A Apply safe work practices
    • VBN646 Set up and use welding equipment
    • VBN682 Carry out basic panel repair
    • VBN685 Apply sealants
    • VBN686 Maintain and test a spray gun
    • AURT270278A Use and maintain workplace tools and equipment
  • Units 3 & 4
    • VBN681 Remove and realign body panels
    • VBN647 Clean a vehicle
    • VBN687 Prepare surface and apply masking materials
    • VBN689 Apply vehicle paint to a body panel
    • VBN690 Cut and polish a painted body panel


Students must supply overalls, steel cap boots and safety glasses.
Basic stationery is required for written components.


VCAL counts towards Industry Related Skills strand.
VCE eligible for credit of up to four VCE VET units on their VCE Statement of Results. Students will receive one ATAR increment which is calculated as 10 per cent of the average of the scaled scores of the student’s primary four VCE studies.
PRE-APPRENTICESHIP – Selected electives in the specialist sector that schools and RTOs will consult through the model pre-apprenticeship pathways.

Future Employment Opportunities

• Panel beater
• Vehicle painter
• Vehicle trimmer
• Windscreen fitter
• Vehicle dismantler
• Spray painter

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