Music (Sound Production)

Certificate III – Course code CUS30915

VCE credit: Up to five units: three units at Units 1 and 2, and a Units 3 and 4 sequence.

Certificate III in Music (Sound Production_) provides students with the practical skills and knowledge to record, mix and edit sound sources. Units 1 and 2 include developing music industry knowledge, establishing contractual and work relationships, and following health, safety and security practices. Units 3 and 4 offers scored assessment and includes units such as editing sound using digital systems, operating sound mixing consoles, operating sound reinforcement systems and mixing sound sources.

Career opportunities: Completion of the Certificate III prepares students for work in the music industry
in areas such as sound track laying, digital editing and mixing, audio visual equipment operations and
stage management and can be applied to workplaces such as stage productions, radio and medium to
large recording studios. With additional training and experience, potential employment opportunities
may include sound technician, tour crew member, studio engineer, theatre/television audio technician


The College of Sound & Music Production (COSAMP)

Day | Time | Venue

Sandringham College – Holloway Road, Sandringham
1st and 2nd Year – Wednesday 1:30pm-5:00pm


2 years.

Work Placement

40 hours / 5 days.

Selection Criteria

Student suitability decided by home school/ referral by home school to program.

Student will have access to the facilities outside of school/training hours throughout the year.

Sample Program Outline

  • Work effectively with others
  • Manage own work and learning
  • Source and apply industry knowledge
  • Follow occupational health and safety procedures
  • Operate professional audio equipment
  • Install and operate follow spots
  • Operate staging elements
  • Prepare, rig, test and modify vision systems
  • Operate vision systems
  • Apply a general knowledge of vision systems to work activities
  • Perform basic sound editing


Program workbook available from Sandringham College Campus Office (For Sandringham College program)
Basic stationery is required for written components


VCAL counts towards Industry Related Skills strand.
VCE 1st year – eligible for VCE VET Units 1-2.
2nd year – Units 3-4 and a study score contributing to the ATAR
Study Score available.

Future Employment Opportunities

Assistant sound mixer, audiovisual operator, casual technician, live sound assistant, retail sales

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