Student Responsibilities & Obligations

Orientation/Head Start Program

It may be required in some VET programs to attend an Orientation or Head Start Program at the Registered Training Organisaton. This is an induction into the chosen program.


Students are required to be at class for the start of the lesson and leave at the scheduled time. Schools will be advised of any student who is late to class or who leaves early without a note from their parent and/or VET/Careers Co-ordinator. When possible it is the student’s responsibility to make contact with the Trainer to inform them that they will be late.


Students’ attendance in VET programs are monitored throughout the year, with any non-attendance to training sent to a student’s school. Please note this information will be shared between RTO/training provider, Whitelion, the student’s School, and the student’s Parent or Guardian where applicable. It is the school’s responsibility to follow up regular patterns of absence of a student and share this information with their parent or guardian where applicable.

If a student is going to be absent it is their responsibility to contact their Trainer and their school coordinator to inform them as well as make arrangements to catch up on any work that they might miss when absent. If students require any extra support throughout the course they can speak to their Trainer or School Coordinator.

For the first 4 weeks of the program, student attendance will be sent to all schools to ensure all their enrolled students are attending class.  After this period, Whitelion-Youth Connect will only notify schools whose students do not attend. Any queries on attendances can be directed to Whitelion on (03) 8354 0829.

Student Behaviour

Students are expected to adhere to the conditions and obligations of the training centre they attend, whether it is a school, smaller training provider or TAFE.

Where students are not meeting the required behaviour expected their enrolment in the program may be re-evaluated.

Class Work & Assignment Requirements

All work that is set by the Trainer must be completed by the due date. Should students experience difficulty in completing their work it is recommended they speak with their Trainer and their school VET Coordinator.